SSS’s expertise lies in the preparation of paper work for issuance of ATPL and Pilot log book writing. Accuracy,reliability, short turn around time, consistency checking , fixing errors, domain knowledge are the hallmark of the entire documentation work that SSS has been catering to since over a decade. SSS is credited with having completed paperwork for over 650 first officers beating 6-sigma standards.

Services offered :

  • Pilot Logbook entry into xls file/log 10 pro
  • Flying Logbook Writing
  • P1 U/S (STOL) Logbook writing
  • Preparation of Flying statement
  • Preparation of CA-39 ( Till Date, 12 months,6 months, Aircraft Wise)
  • Preparation of Night Flying statement
  • Preparation of Cross Country statement
  • Preparation of IR statement
  • Preparation of P1 U/S statement
  • Flying Logbook Verification